Spanish Lessons

Get passionate about Spanish …

… speak it!

Do you want to learn Spanish?

I want to help you to learn but for do that it is necessary to want, to try and tell yourself that you want it and you are going to do it.

When we begin to learn a language we feel bewildered, almost defenseless, many times we think we cannot achieve the objective, and we get blocked.

To find out if there is this belief, and to realize that we can change it and achieve our goal, it is something that we can do from the Strategic Coaching.

What determines success when you study or learn a language? The action you take, which will depend on several internal factors, such as your state of mind, your emotional state and the needs that you have to cover.

Find out whether learning a language has a positive meaning for you, will make exciting, interesting and motivating to learn it.

I share with you my experience: besides my mother tongue, I studied two languages, Italian and English.

I felt the shame of not knowing how to express myself, the frustration and the fear of what people will think, of what people will say, of wanting to make myself understand without having my mind the right words.

Yes, I know the feeling.

But I can also say that when I actually had the chance, when the effort has paid off, the reward was that moment of happiness in which you smile to the World and you say: yes, I can! I did it! it is my merit!

And that moment comes, with effort, with commitment, jumping barriers, and then you feel empowered and proud of yourself, you feel strong and you know that it was worth it because in addition you have grown.

I will tell you an example, my relationship with English for many years was of absolute rejection, I had in my mind: I dislike it, I can’t, I am not able. However, one day the real need of learning it appeared, so there you see me fighting against myself and my own beliefs. So, with much effort I gave it a positive meaning and I moved to Ireland. You cannot even imagine the fear and the frustration that I was feeling. When I arrived I could not communicate, I did not know where I had to pick up the suitcases and no one understood me. Horrible! But in the end, I can say that it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I learned English, I have removed prejudices, I had a lot of fun, I met wonderful people, and I even made job interviews in English, it is just about not to tell ourselves no!

There are two ways to get to this point, enjoying the way, managing the difficulty, or suffering the way with the risk of leaving it without reaching the goal.

In life, if you play, you can only succeed or learn, do not stand still, pleasure, that moment of happiness, you can achieve it, it is only necessary that you allow yourself.

Learn and smile, because that is the spice of life.


Talk to me, let me personalize your learning, to make it a pleasant experience, and speak Spanish.

The study of a language involves understanding it while reading it, writing and speaking. Therefor and with an enjoyable method, we will proceed as it follows:

Texts reading for reading comprehension and analysis of grammatical structures.

– We will see vocabulary from reading or games.

– We will do a round of ideas repetition, to set the learned content.

– We will listen to songs, recordings, videos… etc. to work the listening.

– We will talk about a topic in each class.

Duration of  lessons: It takes 90 minuts on line or face to face if you live in Valencia.

Benefits in education with me:

  • Learn Spanish optimizing your resources even if you have little time.
  • Socialize through learning even although from far and confortable from home with Skype and Zoom.
  • Empower yourself and acquire the necessary resources to do whatever you want, learn Spanish, travel, meet people, with confidence you can reach your goal.

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Contact me and it will be a pleasure to explain you of details.

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