About me

I am María J., I am passionate about coaching, teaching and law. I was able and managed to change my life, to leave the exclusivity of my profession as a lawyer to devote myself to what are also my vocations, with which I can contribute and make grow all those who want to progress in their own life, either learning a language like Spanish solving a conflict or achieving a goal, overcoming shame, powerlessness and any other threshold that has prevented you for doing it till now.

My story

My name is Maria J. Reig, Spanish teacher, personal coach, mediator and lawyerMy experience and my preparation lead me to offer you the best way to achieve fast and effective results learning of the language with a practical for communicating, interacting and socializing with Spanish speaking people.

As a student, I help you to discover or to overcome your difficulties until you get your objective and I also help you to progress enhancing your skills, and I will keep you on your goal with a enjoyable method trough game and shared laughter.

I consider myself passionate about teaching and personal development.

My passion about the Italian language brought me to get into the learning of this language, with all the difficulties that this implies, learning, dedication, at times frustration; nevertheless, seeing my progress, travelling to Italy and being able to communicate with the people that talked the language, even if at the beginning I was not fluent, gave me the force to continue and to want always more and more. I committed myself and a kept an iron will while learning Italian. This is why I am able to help you to meet your objective in less time and with less effort of those that I had to put in.

I felt in love with Italy, I decided to live in that country.

I changed my life. I left my job as a lawyer. I moved to Venice, and later to Padua and Milan. I began working as a Spanish teacher, a profession that I had developed in Valencia within the legal field, and I was so happy!

 My deep interest for personal development led me to discover my passion for Coaching and specifically for Strategic Coaching. I have integrated this method into my work as a teacher, and thus creating a learning experience that is extremely effective with rapid results.

Strategic Coaching meant a deep change in my own personal life perspective, and nowadays is a powerful tool with which I can help and contribute to overcome the difficulties that the learning of a new language implies, as its use allows as to brake the barriers that avoid us from getting those objectives that we fix, to overcome our fears, as travelling on your own, our shyness when communicating ourselves in the language that we are learning, losing the embarrassment of making mistakes, and so many fears that I know very well, as I walked that path before. For me, embarrassment, to make a fool of yourself, helplessness, when I could not express myself correctly or people did not understand me or when just simply I could not understand everything I could listen to and that caused me frustration and blocked my mind, and as a consequence my progress was slower than what I wanted. The good news is that this will not happen to you!

In my life I have never stopped learning, because I think it is the only way to grow as a person and as a professional, so another of the challenges of my life was to change country and learn English, a language about which I had a love-hate relationship, and for that purpose I chose Ireland. After that experience I can say that now I love that wonderful country and its language.

My goal beyond your learning, is that you enjoy studying and you turn your efforts into a rewarding experience, so that you can bring it with you as a valuable treasure.

My dream was to be able to build a space where you can share, socialize and learn through enjoyment and amusement, with effort, of course, but being motivating.

I have made my dream, it is called “Degusta el español”, it is my space dedicated to you, where you can share with me the most rewarding experience, learn a language, its culture and enjoy it.

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Educational and Professional Evolution


I studied Law at the University of Valencia and I spent more than 15 years of my life working in the legal field.


My labor beginnings as a judge in the Courts of Massamagrell and Valencia.


During these years, and recognizing my teaching heart, I obtained my degree on Pedagogical Aptitude with the wishful thinking of teaching.


I also worked in a Property Management and Administration Agency, which I transformed in a Law Firm “Riera & Reig abogados”.


During this period, I also took part of my free time and holidays to teach law at an academy to students who were in their last year of the Faculty


From 2008 to 2012 I worked as Clerk of court in Castellon and Nules.


I wanted to improve my skill mediation and negotiation so I participated in the University of Valencia first postgraduate degree in Mediation, discovering Coaching at that time.


During my postgraduate degree in Mediation I realised I needed some work tools to develop that job correctly. From that moment I started to get interested for the Coaching and I did my first course in it.



My passion for the Italian language made me take advantage of each period of holidays for travelling to Italy and making Italian courses, what allowed me to know the country, its customs, its people, and to be lucky enough to meet people who have become great friends.


From that moment it was easy to decide to leave everything in order to go to Italy. I worked as a teacher of Spanish in Venice, Padua and Milan, and know myself better.


Learning languages is very important for me, it is clearly, isn’t it? Then I packed my things and I went to Cork (Ireland) to learn English in “Cork English College”, for some months.


In my quest, interest and passion for Coaching, I found training in Strategic Coaching, which has represented a profound change in my way of life and doing my work, and through it is how I offer my best version of a professional of teaching.



13 curiosities about me

I was born in the Mediterranean coast...

… the sea is part of me, of my way of feeling, I like to sit on the sand of the beach, to play with the waves letting them to wet feet, to feel his swing and strength when I bathe in it, and collect the shells that it brings me from the depth.

I am passionate about classic movies...

… I enjoy films like Citizen Kane, The Third Man, Some Like It Hot, The Apartment, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Bringing Up Baby, and many others…

Reading is fundamental for me...

… I always have a book on the bedside table, I like the novel as a genre, but of course, provided they are well written. Isabel Allende, Gabriel García Márquez, José Saramago, José Luis Sampedro… among others, these are writers who I love to read to.

I feel no passion for sport ...

… I cannot help it, although I do like being fit, so I go to zumba classes, I’m walking, riding bicycle and avoid using the elevator.

I like to share a good meal,...

…to be surprised by new flavors and textures, to taste a good wine and let the sense of taste to delight you.

To share with friends...

… a good time is for me one of the pleasures of life.

I am happy when I travel...

… to see new places, new people, and to share experiences makes me grow and smile.


… is one of my core values.

I'm passionate about the Italian language...

… in order to learn it I turned my vacation in studying trips, every year I went to a different place in Italy, I made a course and not only I learned the language and knew new places, but also, I was lucky to meet some of my best friends.

I lived in Ireland...

… for learning English and I realised that I am happy speaking other languages, and keeps me alive and happy.

I am an urbanite...

the frenzy and the activity of the city, although sometimes it is stressful, I admit it, they fascinate me.

When I am at home...

… I like enjoying history or art documentaries.

I love the music...

… jazz, latin jazz, swing, salsa, and I like dancing too, especially salsa music.